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R112 Jenton Jinjer Q*BrCh
AN22257D b13/03/88

RM191 Norbury Amber Q*1 BrCh
AN18238D b10/04/85

RM185 Norbury Candy Q*1 BrCh
AN19514D b10/03/86

RM134 Poplartime Ishtar Q*3 BrCh
AN16681D b13/03/84

RM199 Poplartime Kassandra Q"4 BrCh
AN19947D b23/02/86

SM§§136/26†Poplartime KristosBrCh
AN19652D b29/03/86

RM169 DofE Poplartime Natalia Q*2
BrCh AN23317D b17/04/89

SM§§191/185† Poplartime Nizam BrCh
AN23022D b02/03/89

R116 Poplartime Opium Q*2 BrCh
AN24259D b13/09/90

RM131 Poplartime Rajani Q*3 BrCh
AN27225D b28/06/93

RM157 Poplartime Razhanti Q*3 BrCh
AN27226D b08/06/93

RM131 Poplartime Sheba *4 BrCh
AN27614D b 08/06/93

R183 Stopford Fay Q* BrCh
AN15390D b08/03/83

§138/185† Zeddas BrinyanBrCh
AN25055D b21/3/91

RM143 Monach Astrantia Q*17BrCh AN032322D b.05/04/2006

R120 Mineshop Gazania Q* BrCh      AN033512D b.  01-04-10

Ivybeck Anise Q*7 BrCh   
AN033383D b. 13-02-10

RM171 Hurstpier Moscada Q*9 BrCh     AN033770D  b. 01-04-11

RM148 Windsinger Calypso Q*5 BrCh  AN033213DA b. 05-04-09

R122 Roundswell Breezer *4 BrCh
AN033519D           b. 19-03-10

 Roundswell Cinderella Q*3 BrCh
AN033796D                b. 17-03-11

Klimova Dill * BrCh
AN033196D           b. 27-04-09

R114 Klimova Yoksel *9 BrCh
AN032523D               b. 07-03-07

Klimova Lucia *3 BrCh
AN033805D          b. 11-03-11

   AR164 Windsinger Juvela Q*4 BrCh AN032133D b 09-12-05

RM153 Holdbrook Eddoe Q*3 BrCh AN030757D b 21-02-01

Windsinger Omayinka Q*6 BrCh AN033812D b 12-02-11



  Treval Dulcie *1 BrCh          AN034545D b. 18-01-13     


RM166 Monach Gallanthus Q*18
AN033952D b.14-02-11