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R 124 Imported Chaviva Q* BrCh AN034476DI    b.  02-04-12
Imported Abigaile BrCh
Imported almas BrCh
AN034477DI   b.  29-02-12


Hurstpier Clove Q*1 BrCh  AN034260D      b.16-04-12

Hurstpier Romero AN034942D
Q*10 BrCh  b.23-03-14

RM137 Mineshop Bellynda Q* BrCh AN033988D        b. 13-05-11

Ballingall Krystal Q* 2 BrCh AN034207D       b. 22-02-12

Ch R188 Braynusen Bollinger Q* BrChAN031644D       b.23-03-04

R110 Braynusen buttercup BrCh
AN031645D   b.27-03-04


$102/201 Brooks Tydirium BrCh
AN033784D     b.  06-03-11

Braynusen Kalamity *2 BrCh
034917D  b.12-03-14

Kinmea Miranda *6 BrCh
AN034637D b.04-03-13

Mineshop Chaila Q*1 BrCh
AN035082D b.27-02-14

Sandell DaisyDoo Q*1 BrCh

Mineshop Binita Q*3 BrCh
AN35363D b. 11-04-15

Ashdene Almond Q*1 BrCh AN035231D d.o.b. 26-03-15

Ivybeck Tamarind Q*8 BrCh
AN034904D b. 26-02-14

Ch Klimova Khadija Q*2 BrCh
AN035251D b. 11-04-15

$140/120 + Mineshop Chabela BrCh  AN035081D b. 27-02-14

+Ballingall Klive BrCh
AN035675D b.28-03-14