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R250 Earls Jasmin Q* BrCh AN23994D b.23/2/90

AR199 Earls Rosa Q*3 BrCh AN30539D b.12/3/00
R153 Earls Willow Q*4 BrCh AN28011D b.13/3/95


R124 Earls Jasmine Q*3 Br Ch  
AN 030008D  b. 20/2/99

Earls Jade Q*4 Br Ch
       AN 031289P    b 22/02/03

EaeEarls Cleopatra Q* BrCh AN033414D  b.10/03/10Erls 


R156 Patricaken Lettie Q* BrCh AN27310D b.17/3/94

§128/166† Patricaken Pickle BrCh AN29134D b. 8/4/97
EeEarls Catriona Q*BrCh AN033509D  b. 23/03/10

R128 Tyrrell Puzzle Q*4 BrCh AN26777P  b.4/4/93

Tyrrell Cobweb Q*4 BrCh AN26258P b.12/5/92
R127 Tygronon Indigo Q* BrCh AN15947D b.14/4/83

 AR163 Tygronon Waltz Q*4 BrCh AN29079P

† Tygronon Ulf BrCh AN28025D b.1/2/95
R141 Claycroft Clare Q*BrCh AN28538D b.22/3/96

RM158 Ardross Olympia Q*2 BrCh AN030055P b.28/02/99

SM Ardross Daedelous BrCh AN21753D b.14/01/88
RM130 Holdbrook Dimondwyte Q*3 AN030379D b.28/01/00

SM§140/130† Quaytown Hidigo BrCh AN24191H b.20/3/90

R140 Abbotswell Yrana Q* BrCh
AN28096D b.13/4/95

R118 Tipi Changes Q*2 BrCh
AN26737D b.2/3/93

Ivans Trulifair *3 BrCh AN31821D

R120 Holdbrook Hexspirit Q*4 Br Ch AN031734D



R120 Hurstpier Pimienta Q*8 BrCh AN032484D b20/04/2007

R129 Hurstpier Tarragon Q*7 BrCh AN031653D b18/05/2004